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Money Pit Media is a fully integrated radio, television, print, video and Internet home improvement content production and distribution company. We connect you to active home improvers in a way that's most meaningful for them…and for YOU.

How? Because we know just what's on their minds! Money Pit Media is the only home improvement media company that measures what's on the mind of your customers through our 24/7 inbound call center and email. More than 14% call us JUST to ask what product or service to buy!

Your customers trust us to tell them which products work best to fix a problem or complete a home improvement project. Indexed against homeowners nationally, the Money Pit Media audience is four times more likely to purchase home improvement products once a month or more often.

"Money Pit Media has been an effective way to connect to the home improvement consumer audience. From interviews to integrated messages, Tom and Leslie are always thinking of how to maximize client exposure effectively and tastefully. They're approachable and flexible when it comes to requests or ideas and efficient when it comes to objectives and measurables. Tom and Leslie's skills, connections and personality make for a great partnership that brings a lot to the table for any company looking to advance in the home improvement market...." Read More
Dan Giampetroni
Director of Marketing, Kohler

Radio & Records

Expert Team - Tom & Leslie are the "real deal" with professional expertise, credibility and authority that can inspire, engage and inform both consumer and trade professional audiences. Radio & Records calls them "All Star Weekend Warriors."

Tom Kraeutler

Tom Kraeutler

Tom Kraeutler is a hands-on home improvement broadcast journalist and the kind of guy homeowners want to call at midnight when their basement floods. A former long-time professional home inspector, Tom garnered 20 years experience learning how houses are put together and how they fall apart. His credibility and smart advice builds confidence with his audience and attracts the most active home enthusiasts who are frequent purchasers of related products. Since 1994, Tom has given credible, candid advice, money-saving tips and hands-on how-to's to millions of Americans through his regular appearances on TV and radio, online, and in major print media. Tom has appeared regularly as a how-to guru on network and local television stations including CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The History Channel, HGTV and the DIY Network.

"If you think Tom's greatest asset is his silky voice or complete command of his subject matter think again. Yes, he has the voice and knows home repair inside and out, but what he really excels at is his business sense. Tom knows how to start and run a successful enterprise, he knows how to satisfy his customers and add value to their businesses, and he knows how to get results! Tom and I have worked together on a host of projects and he always over delivers and never disappoints...." Read More
Kevin O'Connor
Host , This Old House

Tom is also AOL's Home Improvement Editor and an accomplished author, columnist and blogger with work promoted widely through AOL's Real Estate Channel, WalletPop and DIY Life blogs. He is also the Featured Home Improvement Contributor for Oprah. His work has been featured in House Beautiful, Smart Money, Reader's Digest and in hundreds of daily newspapers across the nation. Tom's unique ability to combine encyclopedic home improvement knowledge with a comfortable and educational broadcasting style has earned him many loyal followers. Talkers Magazine has named him one of the "100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America."

Leslie Segrete

Leslie Segrete

Leslie Segrete is co-host of The Money Pit. She's a home improvement expert with an eye for design and the skills to get the job done. She knows what turns a house into a home and has the tips and ideas to make improvements easy and fun.

Leslie's home improvement skills span radio, television and print. Leslie was part of making design dreams reality as a carpenter and designer for TLC's hit series Trading Spaces and While You Were Out, where she designed, built and executed projects to please the participating families and millions of her fans every single week. More recently, Leslie hosted a series for A&E called $100 Makeover which helped people sort through their clutter to find design treasures to make over rooms in their house. She was also the lead designer on The Ugliest House on the Block, on the We Network, creating dramatic exterior makeovers that benefited the whole community. Plus, Leslie hosted a series called Going Green Long Island for WLIW, a division of PBS which focused on the green advancements this New York community has made.

As co-host of The Money Pit, Talkers Magazine named Leslie to their prestigious Heavy Hundred list of the "100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America ." Together with Tom Kraeutler , Leslie co-authored My Home, My Money Pit: Your guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure.

Leslie is a seamstress, carpenter, decorator, designer and professional chef all wrapped up in one very energetic package. She's a true renaissance woman through and through!

"Leslie Segrete has so much bloody talent it downright scares me! Her skills are mind-boggling: for a start she’s consumed with creativity – everything she does has a creative twist; she’s a demon with fabric, can make absolutely anything she sets her mind to with dexterity and artfulness; she’s an accomplished carpenter, who can interpret designs and quickly and efficiently bring them to life; she brings a touch of magic to craft projects – she is, in effect, the absolute all-rounder. Leslie’s warmth, infectious sense of humor, and creativity will endear her to her to every new audience she meets...." Read More
Sara Kozak, Series Producer
"While You Were Out
BBC Production USA