Ad Specifications

The website offers a variety of options for banner advertisers.

Ad Placements

Content Inline - Located within the primary content.

content-inline Found on the content pages. Located in the middle-left of the main column, inline to the top of the content. 300x250
content-inline-audio-qa Found on audio pages. Located in the middle of the main column, before the transcript. 300x250
content-inline-community-questions Found on the Money Pit Answers page. Located in the middle of the main column, in the center of the content. 468x60

Left Sidebar - Located in the far left column, underneath the secondary navigation.

left-sidebar 160x600

Right Sidebar - Located within the far right column.

right-sidebar Found near the middle of the right column on al pages other then the home page. 300x250
right-sidebar-index Found near the top of the right column on the home page. 300x250

Content Bottom - Located immediately following content.

content-bottom 468x60
content-bottom-search-results 728x90


Format Placement File Types Max. File Size
120 x 240 Vertical Banner gallery-vertical .jpeg, .gif, .swf 30K
110K* Rich Media
160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper left-sidebar .jpeg, .gif, .swf 40K
110K* Rich Media
200 x 200 Small Square gallery-horizontal .jpeg, .gif, .swf 30K
110K* Rich Media
234 x 60 Half Banner content-inline-index-left
.jpeg, .gif, .swf 30K
110K* Rich Media
300 x 250 Medium Rectangle content-inline
.jpeg, .gif, .swf 40K
110K* Rich Media
468 x 60 Banner content-inline-community-questions
.jpeg, .gif, .swf 30K Graphic
110K* Rich Media
728 x 90 Leaderboard content-bottom-search-results .jpeg, .gif, .swf 40K
110K* Rich Media

* 40k initial max file size, 70k max file size on subsequent load = 110k total max file size


In order to keep the consistancy of the site & user experience, banner advertising on must adhere to specific guidelines.

  • Ads may not employ sound.
  • Ads may not employ rapid/"strobing" animation of any graphic, copy, or background elements(s).
  • Ads may not have transparent backgrounds and may never blend into the screen content.
  • Ads should be encased in a border and be distinct from the content. If borderless, an ad must contain the advertiser's name to signify that it is an ad creative banner, not content.
  • Flash (.swf) ads should be published as 10.1 or lower. Flash 10.2, Flash 11, and Flash 12 are not supported.
  • Flash (.swf) ads must be clickTAG complient.
  • All click-through urls for Flash (.swf) ads must open in a new browser window.
  • Ads hosted from a third-party Ad server must include placement instructions.