Marketing Solutions

Get Solutions, NOT Ads...

One size fits all is not accurate.

One size fits all' is a great marketing slogan. But unless you're buying a toothbrush, it's one that is almost never accurate.

The same holds true when you're trying to create a marketing campaign. Your product or service is unique. Your goals and budget are specific. And a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign might fit as well as pants that won't buckle at the waist.

That's why Money Pit Media focused on one thing: creating SOLUTIONS that deliver results. And, we have the audience, the environment, the tools and the team of specialists necessary to help you effectively market and sell your product or service:

  • We Raise Your Brand Awareness

    Money Pit Media consistently delivers measurable increases in the awareness of new products, technologies and brands.

    Our Audience is Engaged. Your Message is Heard. And We Can Prove It!

  • We Increase Your Media Value

    Money Pit Media lends credibility and offers integrated marketing plans targeted at homeowners, increasing the value of your ad dollars by reducing the waste of traditional broad based media plans.

    Our Audience is Targeted and four times more likely to buy home improvement products!

  • We Increase Your Product Sales

    Our listeners trust our hosts and buy the products they recommend. We've also developed cross-platform marketing and lead generation programs to ensure greater customer engagement and sales opportunities.

    We make sure your message reaches your customer, your customer can reach you, and that you can reach them.

  • We Deliver Marketing Accountability

    Money Pit Media offers documented delivery and systems to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

    We measure everything to ensure your plan is working.

More than spots...

So, how exactly do we make all these good things happen? The answer is: it depends. Hey, don't get us wrong, we're really proud of our nationally syndicated home improvement radio show, The Money Pit.

But when it comes to promoting your product of service, we won't just run radio commercials and call it a day. Utilizing the nation's largest home improvement radio show and podcast, along with a vibrant website of home improvement enthusiasts and marketing partnerships with some of the nations most successful media companies like This Old House and AOL -- we've developed a unique set of tools and programs designed to deliver results you need to call your campaign a success.

Bottom line: Whether you need to build brand awareness, generate leads, or engage your customers with rich content we have the tools, techniques and experience to make your product a success.

Contact us today to and challenge our team to find YOUR solution.

Because one size really doesn't fit all. Unless you need a toothbrush.