Media Tours

National Hardware Show

For almost a decade Money Pit Media has produced the most successful home improvement media tours in America, with audiences regularly exceeding 25 million impressions. Plus, we often create custom media tours just for a single client!

We offer co-op media tours for both the Spring and Fall Home Improvement seasons, a review from the National Hardware Show, a popular mid-summer Green Home Improvement Tour, and a tour focused on Home Improvement Holiday Gifts.

"AARP's work with Tom and Leslie on the Home Makeover project and media tour delivered a result that was successful beyond our wildest expectations. They are a creative, professional team who has consistently gone the extra mile to deliver results for all our initiatives."
Elizabeth Bradley, Director of Integrated Communications, AARP

Media Tour Broadcast Elements

Money Pit Media Tours include multiple broadcast public relations components that work together to deliver comprehensive coverage for your product. Most tour packages include:

  • Satellite Media Tour & Radio Media Tour

    - A five hour tour with live and taped televised segments on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV stations, as well as local and national network radio programs. Plus, a generic interview segment on iOn TV.
  • Audio News Release (ANR)

    - A 60 second co-op audio news release distributed to every major radio entity in the US.
  • Money Pit Broadcast

    - Promotion of your product or service during a two-hour broadcast of The Money Pit Radio Show. The program airs on over 300 stations, as well as on iHeart Radio
  • Money Pit eNewsletter/Website

    - Your product will be promoted on The Money Pit's website and in the show's eNewsletter distributed to over 70,000 subscribers each week
  • Dedicated Product Video

    - We'll feature your stand-alone product in a 1 minute video that we'll post on and make available for you to use on your website.
  • Social Media Promotion

    - With over 105,000 fans and followers, your product will be promoted across The Money Pit's Social Media channels, potentially delivering over 1 million additional impressions.
  • Complete Comprehensive Reporting

    - for all elements, including stations lists and advertising equivalencies. Nielsen - SIGMA certified reports for TV, Arbitron for radio
  • Air Checks

    - from SMT and RMT broadcasts

To maintain marketing credibility and wide distribution, Money Pit Media tours accept a limited number of partners for each production. Tour sponsorships are product exclusive and are often booked six months in advance. Wondering who has worked with us in the past? Click here for a client list.

Media Tour Results

Money Pit Media typically delivers results well in excess of 25 million impressions per tour. Click the links below to view results from recent tours. Air checks are also available upon request.