The Money Pit is a nationally-syndicated home improvement radio program heard on more than 300 stations across the country. Hosted by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, the show is the largest home improvement radio program in America covering 80% of the nation with more than 40% of its audience in the top 25 markets.

Weekend Radio Show

The Money Pit is a lively two hour call-in show that is entertaining and informative, delivering a wide variety of solution-based expert home improvement and home décor advice. Heard on over 250 radio stations and available to millions on XM Satellite, it is the only program of its kind co-hosted by a talented, expert, male/female on-air team, effectively reaching both men and women.

The Money Pit’s weekend show is a sponsor-friendly production, offering a wide variety of marketing solutions to deliver your message to a focused group of home enthusiasts.

"Over the past decade, Home Improvement has seen some radical changes due to technology, the economy and concerns about the environment. The Money Pit, however, has been a consistent way to present product messages to targeted consumers in an innovative, unique, and entertaining way."
Henry Ferris, Director of Merchandise Marketing, The Home Depot

On the air for over 10 years, The Money Pit is truly "appointment listening" delivering quality programming to an engaged audience of home enthusiasts from all across the nation.

Radio Features

Money Pit Media offers a variety of short form radio features that can be strategically focused to draw listener attention to your product or service. Typically sixty-seconds long, these features can incorporate a 30 second advertising message. Sponsors have the option of embedding advertising messages inside our collection of over 240 existing home improvement tip features, or new features can be created to meet your specific goals. Read More

Examples of short form features include:

  • Money Pit Minute:

    Money Pit Media offers a series of over 240 home improvement tips that feature a 5-7 second tease, 30 second advertising mention and 23-25 second home improvement tip. This structure serves as a "call to action" for an audience most interested in your advertisement.
  • Money Pit-Stop:

    Money Pit-Stop was a customized feature designed for advertisers who want to air a campaign aimed at NASCAR race fans.
  • Weather Channel Tip:

    This campaign was designed to air adjacent to weather reports, which often spur the need for a home improvement or repair.

Money Pit Media's radio features air Monday - Friday 6-10 AM (morning drive) in almost every major market in the nation. Features can also be targeted to specific demographics or markets and scaled to meet your goals and budget.

The Monday Pit Podcast

The Money Pit's weekly podcast is the #1 most popular home improvement podcast on iTunes, with over 220,000 monthly downloads. The Money Pit podcast subscribers are truly "appointment listeners" and among our most engaged audience segment. Your advertising message can be presented to this highly qualified audience via a pre-roll, mid-roll or end-roll feature, and recorded by the show hosts to speak personally to the podcast audience.

"The Money Pit has driven awareness and sales for Generac's standby and portable generator products. Tom and Leslie are creative and effective partners that know how to engage and inspire their growing audience of consumers interested in improving and maintaining their homes."
Clement Feng, Chief Marketing Officer, Generac

Sponsorship Options

The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio programs offer many options to promote your product or service to our audience of home improvement enthusiasts. Radio sponsorships can be integrated with online campaigns to expand the reach and effectiveness even further. Each sponsorship plan is developed to meet the goals of a specific campaign.

The following are examples of elements that can be included:

  • Radio Commercials:

    Live and pre-recorded, with options for prime placement adjacent to show content focused on your product or service.
  • Live Billboards:

    Have your product featured by The Money Pit's announcer on rejoins to the show ("This portion of the Money Pit is brought to you by...").
  • Product Give-Away:

    Your product can be promoted by the hosts up to three times per hour via a give-aways.
  • Contests:

    Money Pit Media can help you create a contest and promote it on air to millions of avid home improvement and home décor enthusiasts.
  • Content Features:

    Money Pit Media can create a content feature to promote your product, service or website. Features air inside the editorial portions of the program and are designed to deliver education, inspiration and support to home enthusisats about a topic relevant to your product.
  • Sponsorable Tips:

    Tom and Leslie deliver a wide variety of sponsorable home improvement tips in every show. Tip sponsorships credit your company for providing valuable home improvement solutions that are helpful to consumers and relevant to your product or service.
  • This Old House:

    Through a match made in home improvement heaven, two of America's most powerful home improvement brands join forces each week to deliver an unprecedented sponsorship opportunity that connects your product, brand or service with America's most trusted home improvement personalities. Each week, This Old House personalities Kevin O'Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey or Roger Cook, appear on The Money Pit’s weekend show for a segment with hosts Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete. Your brand can be associated with America's most trusted radio and TV home improvement personalities by a sponsorship of the weekly This Old House segment.

Contact us today to learn how The Money Pit’s marketing solutions can help you achieve your promotional goals.

"The Money Pit is one of the most successful marketing tools we use to reach consumers directly. Utilizing the third-party expertise of show hosts Tom and Leslie has provided a really powerful endorsement for our brand."
Sara Alcroft, Brand Manager, Therma-Tru Doors