Tom & Leslie

Nothing spreads word of mouth faster than recommendations from credible experts. Tom and Leslie are seasoned spokespersons who can tell the media, your customers and your sales professionals why your product or service fits a critical marketplace need.

Tom & Leslie are trusted media experts, welcomed and respected by TV producers, guest bookers, radio stations in national and top market media outlets, as well as home improvement writers, real estate reporters and trade editors.

In person, Tom & Leslie can improve your ROI from trade shows, home shows, sales conferences and customer events, drawing on their expertise to energize prospects and excite your audience.

Advertising Campaigns

Nothing delivers better results than testimonials from credible, third -party experts. Tom and Leslie are both available for use in advertising campaigns including print, radio, on-line, point of purchase and television. As both trusted experts and experienced media personalities, they offer advertisers a unique set of skills that can be effectively leveraged for both trade and consumer campaigns.

Please note Tom and Leslie personally evaluate any product that is seeking endorsement. As a first step, why not put your product in their hands for expert feedback?

Public Relations Campaigns

Getting media attention for your product or service is increasingly competitive. Tom & Leslie cut through the clutter and get your product noticed. Working with your public relations team, Tom & Leslie can:

  • Promote your product or service via television, radio and print interviews;
  • Help educate consumers and establish the need for your product through press releases and columns;
  • Appear at customer events;
  • Create podcasts, vodcasts, blogs and columns or other on-line content to promote your product;
  • Create and host media tours featuring your product or service.

Tom & Leslie appear at virtually every major home improvement industry trade show. In the last 12 months, their appearances garnered more than 100 million impressions on behalf of sponsor partners. As on-site spokespersons for your product, Tom & Leslie can:

  • Host the nationally syndicated Money Pit radio show as a remote broadcast featuring your products and executive staff from your event or trade show booth;
  • Perform live demonstrations of your product on the floor of the event;
  • Create customized podcasts or vodcasts for download from your website to extend the reach or your event all year long;
  • Host media tours from your event to promote your product through television shows and radio.

Conference Speakers and Product Knowledge Training

Tom & Leslie

Tom & Leslie co-host the Golden Hammer Awards at the 2007 National Hardware Show

When you're ready to present your product, Tom & Leslie can be there to make it all more exciting and informative. They can discuss and demonstrate your product, and answer all questions with ease.

Tom & Leslie know what's on your customers' minds because they hear from them every week. Tap our expertise to educate, entertain and inform both consumers and sales professionals in your channel. Bring along the Money Pit team to:

  • Engage consumers and industry insiders through presentations at conferences;
  • Create and deliver presentations illustrating industry trends, consumer preferences and how your product fits in.
  • Provide demonstrations to train your sales staff;
  • Assist in media training for your key executives;
  • Collect and analyze key demographic data to fuel sales. Take advantage of our current data, or collect new data to serve your needs using the same proven methods deployed annually for our Voice of the Consumer report.

"Tom and Leslie have always been funny, reliable and informative presenters at events put on by Home Channel News. They are great to work with definitely bring a lively and fun brand of expertise to the table on The Money Pit."
Kate Fazzini, Associate Editor, Home Channel News