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Here is what a few guests, sponsors, radio stations and friends have said about "The Money Pit".

"EPA is thrilled that The Money Pit is working with WaterSense partners to promote the importance of water efficiency to homeowners across the country"
USEPA WaterSense Marketing Lead
Stephanie Thornton

"Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete do an excellent job of helping homeowners understand how their plumbing works, which translates into confidence and enthusiasm for bathroom and kitchen remodels. We also appreciate Tom's rapport with contractors, who appreciate his respect for and knowledge about their craft."
Chief Marketing Officer, American Standard Brands
Jeannette Long

"I first hired Tom as spokesperson for a home improvement brand in 2000, and was immediately taken by how hard he worked for us. Way above and beyond the terms of the contract, he actually became a member of my communications team--always on the lookout for opportunities on our behalf. He's been my number one recommendation to home improvement brands ever since for two reasons: that incredible work ethic and his ability to explain complex home systems in a fun way for consumers."
Principal, O'Reilly DePalma Public Relations
Nora DePalma

"We became a sponsor of The Money Pit as a means to get word out about our innovative water heating products. Tom and Leslie were great to work with throughout the whole process. They really understand homes and building products, and they know their audience and what interests them. It was great value for us and an enjoyable partnership."
Director of Marketing, Noritz
Bob Hitchner

"Tom is one of those rare media minds that possess the big picture vision AND the keen ability to identify the core elements which maximize desired results. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity partner with Tom to develop innovative customer focused programs which incorporated his unique insights and extensive knowledge of new and old world marketing disciplines. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and The Money Pit Media to any company looking to grow its brand recognition or market share."
Director of Marketing, Rinnai
Mike Murtaugh

"I had a pleasure of working with Tom for different clients and always impressed with his professionalism, creativity and dedication. He is definitely one of the best radio hosts in the country!"
Senior Counselor , The Martin Agency / SLAY Public Relations
Michiko Morales

"The most successful Satellite Media Tours I have done in the DIY market have been with Tom and Leslie. The results they deliver are consistently excellent. They are always on top of industry and media trends and changes, and have proven themselves to be true professionals with staying power."
Principal, Prima Public Relations
Paula DePasquale

"Tom and his company are an effective way to connect to the home improvement consumer audience. From interviews to integrated messages, Tom was always thinking of how to maximize client exposure effectively and tastefully. He's approachable and flexible when it comes to requests or ideas and efficient when it comes to objectives and measurables. Tom's connections and personality make for a great partnership that brings a lot to the table for any company looking to advance in the home improvement market."
Director of Marketing, Kohler
Dan Giampetroni

"I received the product feature segment you did on the HydroRight dual flush converter and was blown away with how well you nailed it! Not only did you include all of our pertinent product features, your presented the HydroRight with the perfect blend of serious water conservation and lighthearted repartee. I am looking forward to the rest of our campaign together!"
Director, Marketing Communications, MJSI, Inc.
Marlena Cannon

"I have worked with Tom over the past seven years, and found him to be a true professional. I worked The Money Pit on numerous media tours to both launch new home improvement products, as well as communicate our brand propositions for current products. They are true professions and have a unique ability to effectively communicate your message to the consumer. It is without hesitation that I recommend this team."
Vice President of Marketing, Drill Doctor
Kevin Blodgett

"Tom has always been a funny, reliable and informative presenter at events put on by Home Channel News. It is great working with him, and he definitely has brought a lively and fun brand of expertise to the table on The Money Pit."
Associate Editor, Home Channel News
Kate Fazzini

"These days, every show must deliver great radio and create great revenue. The Money Pit is the perfect tool for both those needs"
Citadel Broadcasting, VP, News/Talk Programming
Phil Boyce

"The Money Pit is the model for the future of syndicated programming."
Program Director, WPRO, Providence, RI
Paul Giammarco

"Going on the air with Tom and Leslie is always a pleasure. I can count on talking content and avoiding banter."
Host, Home Again
Bob Vila

"AARP's work with Tom and Leslie on the Home Makeover project delivered a result that was successful beyond our wildest expectations. They are a creative, professional team who has consistently gone the extra mile to deliver results for all our initiatives."
Director of Integrated Communications, AARP
Elizabeth Bradley

"America's best home improvement radio show."
Hosts, The Dolans, WOR 710, New York and best-selling authors
Ken and Daria Dolan

"The Money Pit is a must-listen for people seriously interested in improving both their homes and net worth. Tom and Leslie are undoubtedly a talk media team to watch."
Publisher, Talkers Magazine
Michael Harrison

"The Money Pit has great insight into and a keen understanding of the home improvement trends and products homeowners want."
Corporate Advertising Manager, Ace Hardware Corp., Oak Brook, IL
Frank Rothing

"The Money Pit rides on the cutting edge of home improvement media. They are innovative, entertaining and fun."
Director of Merchandise Marketing, The Home Depot
Henry Ferris

"The Money Pit is an extremely effective way to reach DIY consumers with our story through a variety of channels. Hosts Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete are very knowledgeable and well respected experts who identify home improvement trends and educate consumers with helpful tips making them a great fit for our brand."
President and CEO, Therma-Tru Doors
Carl Hedlund

"Thank you to The Money Pit. The Money Pit Radio show uniquely delivers to its audience -- our consumers -- home improvement information in an understandable and fun way."
Director of Marketing, Drill Doctor
Kevin D. Blodgett

"The Money Pit radio show is a valuable resource for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers-and a place where listeners can actually have fun learning about home improvement! They have been great to work with over the years and are very professional and knowledgable about home improvement"
Director of Marketing Services, Red Devil
Kate Sollecito

"The Money Pit is one of the liveliest, most entertaining shows I have ever heard -- and it's extremely educational too. It offers sound, easy-to-understand advice about real-world home improvement projects, backed by years of "been-there, done-that" experience. Beyond that, their program is just plain fun to listen to!"
Director of Marketing, Zircon Corporation
Dan Harrell

"Tom and Leslie have been a successful resource to help us educate consumers on the importance of indoor air quality and the specific benefits of our products. They have a great rapport with each other and their listeners truly value their recommendations. We really enjoy working with them."
Director of Marketing, Aprilaire
Nikki Krueger

"Whenever the products I represent have been involved in The Money Pit radio show, I've been impressed with the product knowledge they command and just how expertly they convey the useful benefits and applications for these products to save their listeners time and frustration as they undertake Home Improvement projects."
Director of Marketing, Emerson Tool Co.
Dave Hazelwood

"It's no surprise to me that Tom and Leslie have been named among the most important talk show hosts in America by Talkers Magazine. The Home Improvement expertise, humor and dollar saving guidance they provide to their listeners for the undertaking of Home Improvement tasks are exceptional. Consumer home improvement sales have really taken off in recent years and The Money Pit has done an excellent job of keeping do-it-yourselfers and expert enthusiasts informed on the latest issues, tips and trends while entertaining them along the way"
Director of Advertising and Brand Management, The Stanley Works.
Scott Bannell

"The Money Pit is one of the best home improvement talk shows on the radio today; they always keep things fun and entertaining. My power tool clients have found The Money Pit to be an excellent way to reach homeowners and do-it-yourselfers when launching a new line of tools."
Senior Account Supervisor, Imre Communications
Paul Fitzmaurice

"Tom Kraeutler has inspected hundreds and hundreds of homes and one suspects that this experience contributed greatly to his success as a home improvement expert. Tom helps listeners and viewers understand more about home improvement because he has done so in the homes of client for so many years."
President, The Ritterbusch Group Public Relations
Chad Ritterbusch

"The Money Pit Home Improvement Show has been a great friend to the Duct Tape Guys in our duct tape evangelism efforts. We can't think of a better way to save people from falling into the 'money pit' than to recommend listening to the Money Pit while arming themselves with duct tape."
The Duct Tape Guys
Jim and Tim

"Tom has a way of explaining things that's so easy to follow. He's a clear, understandable and relatable communicator with a solid knowledge of the home improvement field."
News Director and General Manager, News 12
Jonathan Knopf

"Tom has a unique way of making the often-scary topic of home improvement feel manageable and fun. As an audience or a sponsor, the hosts invite you into their lives like you are having coffee in their kitchen. Their warmth and humor are a delight to share."
Former CEO, ImproveNet.com
Ron Cooper

"In our sales department, The Money Pit equals new clients. In my world, Tom and Leslie have the knowledge and chemistry to consistently deliver a top-shelf weekend show aimed right at the HGTV crowd."
Director of Programming, 570 KNRS, Clear Channel, Salt Lake City, UT
Greg Foster

"The Money Pit brings the kind of personality and entertainment audiences crave to the consumer "how-to" shows."
Program Director, 1150 AM WDEL, Wilmington
Rick Jensen

"If I were airing some other program on Saturday afternoon, I would be trading spaces for the best home improvement show on radio. Our listeners respond to The Money Pit more than any weekend show we air. I think the reason is because The Money Pit not only gives great advice, but it is also great radio!"
JOY62/WRJZ, 760...The Word/WMEN, Knoxville, Tennessee
Dave Jones

"We chose The Money Pit for KHNR for two reasons. The camaraderie between the hosts is perfect. They're balanced, entertaining and, above all, informative. Secondly, they teach in an easygoing manner. It's like getting great advice from your neighbor."
Program Director, KHNR Honolulu
Michael Shishido

"It's no surprise that The Money Pit is enjoying the success it's having nationally. The hosts are naturals with an audience that appreciates their abundant knowledge, delivered in a no-nonsense, listener friendly style. Not only have our station's regular advertisers enjoyed success, the show is a magnet for non-traditional radio clients and a money-maker for the station."
General Manager, Press Broadcasting
Frank Calderaro

"As compared to the home improvement show we dropped in favor of The Money Pit -- The Money Pit is faster paced, more on target and just a better show over all. I think that has to do with Tom & Leslie because they associate better with the listeners. They seem to hit the target audience better. The Money Pit is a tight, well -produced show that has a very focused topic area."
Director of Programming, WIBW AM, Morris Communications, Topeka, KS
Bruce Steinbrock

"The Money Pit has been a valuable addition to our weekend lineup. The subjects you cover are excellent and timely, along with the sparkling personalities of the hosts and a very upbeat presentation, make it one of our most saleable weekend programs and an anchor on our schedule for many years. You guys make boring home fixups entertaining! And the audience loves the giveaways!"
General Manager, NewsTalk 1240 WBCF, Alabama
Benji Carle

"Great Show! We had a super response to the debut broadcast from our listeners"
General Manager, KWDB
Rick Bell

"Our listeners love the Money Pit because Tom and Leslie know their stuff and make what could be a dull discussion a lot of fun. What I love about the show is, they never talk down to people and in radio today hosts like that are hard to find."
Operations Manager WDIS-AM Norfolk, MA
Dan Collier

"If you think Tom's greatest asset is his silky voice or complete command of his subject matter think again. Yes, he has the voice and knows home repair inside and out, but what he really excels at is his business sense. Tom knows how to start and run a successful enterprise, he knows how to satisfy his customers and add value to their businesses, and he knows how to get results! Tom and I have worked together on a host of projects and he always over delivers and never disappoints."
Host, This Old House and Ask This Old House
Kevin O'Connor

"Good advice about home improvement isn't usually this much fun."
Editor, Fine Homebuilding Magazine
Kevin Ireton

"Leslie and Tom 'hit the nail on the head' with My Home, My Money Pit. Every homeowner should have a copy of this book. From storage solutions to plumbing problems, this book is a guide to it all."
Winner of The Apprentice
Bill Rancic

"My Home My Money Pit successfully converts the limitless expertise that Tom and Leslie offer their listeners each week into an entertaining and informative book that the typical homeowner should always keep close at hand -- perhaps on a shelf that the book will help you build and hang on a wall."
Home Improvement & Real Estate Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer
Alan Heavens

"Tom and Leslie have put together a really useful, easy-to-read guide that?s as fun to read as it is to listen to The Money Pit. Every homeowner should keep a copy of My Home, My Money Pit in their toolbox."
Founder of Angie?s List
Angie Hicks

"The Money Pit has driven awareness and sales for Generac's standby and portable generator products. Tom and Leslie are creative and effective partners that know how to engage and inspire their growing audience of consumers interested in improving and maintaining their homes."
Chief Marketing Officer, Generac
Clement Feng

"Over the past decade, Home Improvement has seen some radical changes due to technology, the economy and concerns about the environment. The Money Pit, however, has been a consistent way to present product messages to targeted consumers in an innovative, unique, and entertaining way."
Director of Merchandise Marketing, The Home Depot
Henry Ferris

"The Money Pit is one of the most successful marketing tools we use to reach consumers directly. Utilizing the third-party expertise of show hosts Tom and Leslie has provided a really powerful endorsement for our brand."
Brand Manager, Therma-Tru Doors
Sara Alcroft

"Our ongoing partnership with Tom & Leslie has allowed us to reach a growing and targeted audience. They are very much in tune with emerging trends in the housing industry, have built a loyal following and have established a great deal of trust with their audience. Working with The Money Pit has been a very worthwhile experience for our association and an excellent way of reaching our target audience."
Residential Promotions Manager, Portland Cement Association
Jim Niehoff

"The Money Pit digs deep and leaves the audience with solid direction. There is not one home improvement show on the market that supersedes The Money Pit."
Assistant Program Director, KFKA, CO
Greg Simms

"Working with Tom was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a television producer. The information he provides viewers is invaluable, and the consumer-friendly way he presents it, always make his segments a big hit!"
Producer, MSNBC
Sheetal Werneke

"The Money Pit isn?t just a great show, it?s a complete marketing package that delivers a wide range of marketing opportunities. The Money Pit puts advertisers in the right place at the right time - with the right product to sell."
Sales Manager, WOBM
Joanne Reynolds

"Tom and Leslie not only help their listener?s improve their homes in the most efficient ways, but they generate a dazzling level of on-air electricity that?s fun to listen to."
Editor & Publisher, Talkers Magazine
Michael Harrison

"The success of The Money Pit program demonstrates the impact of radio on today's information-hungry consumers and the importance consumers place on home improvement topics. Tom and Leslie consistently give their listeners information they can really use in a format that is easy to understand. They are a great asset to the home improvement industry!"
Director of Public Relations, The Dutcher Group
Susan Berliner

"It seems everyone is giving home improvement advice these days, but the Money Pit crew has taken it to an all new level. They've a unique style of turning an ordinarily dull subject matter, like generator safety, into a segment packed full of fun and interesting facts. What a refreshing change!"
Public Relations Manager, Coleman Powermate
John Hoch

"Our ongoing partnership with Tom & Mary has allowed us to reach a growing and targeted audience. We always receive a sharp increase in inquiries after our appearances on The Money Pit."
Vice President of Programming, DIY Do It Yourself Network
Bill Sykes

"The Money Pit radio show is a valuable resource for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers-and a place where listeners can actually have fun learning about home improvement!"
Director of Marketing Services, Red Devil
Kate Sollecito

"The Money Pit has great experience in the home improvement industry along with a unique insight into identifying trends and educating consumers about new products and projects."
VP of Marketing and Business Development, Thermatru Doors
Jerry Oleshansky

"Leslie Segrete has so much bloody talent it downright scares me! Her skills are mind-boggling: for a start she?s consumed with creativity ? everything she does has a creative twist; she?s a demon with fabric, can make absolutely anything she sets her mind to with dexterity and artfulness; she?s an accomplished carpenter, who can interpret designs and quickly and efficiently bring them to life; she brings a touch of magic to craft projects ? she is, in effect, the absolute all-rounder. I know Leslie?s warmth, infectious sense of humor, and creativity will also endear her to her radio audience."
Series Producer, ?While You Were Out,? BBC Production USA
Sara Kozak

"Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, hosts of The Money Pit, have been ideal partners for our building materials clients.? Tom brings the credibility of an experienced contractor and real estate inspector, combined with business savvy and an engaging on-air presence. Leslie delivers consumer-focused commentary and great energy. For clients like American Tools, they have created new awareness of how high-quality hand tools and power tool accessories help get the job done right.? For Owens Corning, they have been instrumental in educating American homeowners about conserving energy. They are a great team, and the show is a terrific marketing tool."
Executive Director, Clear!Blue Public Relations
Debby Robinson

"We love Leslie Segrete. She truly inspires her viewers and listeners to use their own creativity to make fashions for their homes. Leslie has been very dedicated to our brand and provides us with great marketing opportunities to touch new sewers --- perhaps people who may not have ever thought about thread, needles and fabrics."
Publicity Director, Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine
Nancy L. Jewell

"Thank you for your outstanding work promoting the Pella Designer Series 750 Products during your Fall Home Improvement Media Tour.? We enjoyed being on set to see Tom in action!"
Corporate Public Relations Manager, Pella
Kathy Krafka Harkema

"AARP's work with Tom and Leslie on the Home Makeover project delivered a result that was successful beyond our wildest expectations. They are a creative, professional team who has consistently gone the extra mile to deliver results for all our initiatives."
Director of Integrated Communications, AARP
Elizabeth Bradley

"With their in-depth knowledge of how homes work, Tom & Leslie are authentic and credible experts to influence homeowners towards truly green systems and products"
Consultant, Green Earth PR Network
Nora DePalma

"I want to thank you for your program, on behalf of children, senior citizens and middle aged people like me. I love people who are willing to tell us that our homes, can be, should be, and will be safe. Thank you very much."
Deputy Secretary for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Ron Sims